13 months...why not?

The idea teased us a lot. Why not try for a Christmas to propose the opposites of our seasonings?

We often hear around "ah this year everything happened and its opposite ..." and so this time, paraphrasing this sentence, we decided to PROPOSE everything and its opposite.

And so after opening 100-month reservations, now consolidated, this year we open reservations at ... 13 months.

Same format of 100 months, that is on the label and not with wrapping (even if on site you will see the photo of the wrapping), so that the customer interested in both products, can visually notice the difference between the very old and the very young of the village of the Gazzano. Almost same weight, because while the 100 months we offer it in pieces of 300 g, the 13 months we offer it in pieces of g 500. This because, being less intense as a flavor, tend to eat more, so we did not want it sip.

The 13 month is truly exceptional as a table cheese. Excellent as an appetizer, as a snack or ... simply ... as a whim, so suitable for all hours of the day.

We hope that this thought meets your liking. It will remain online while stocks last, without booking limits.

And ... although very young ... of course it is lactose free !!!