100 months aged come back!!!

As a tradition for a few years, almost a month from Christmas, the Borgo del Gazzano wants to propose again its 100 months aged cheese, an authentic rarity that we only keep for this period where this seasoning, especially when it comes to broth dishes, reaches its maximum expression.

But 100 months for us does not just mean this. It's our wager that has already been over the years, a cheese that despite 8 years of seasoning, never becomes spicy and bitter, but keeps its sweet taste of origin birth, coupled with a seasoned taste.

We are so confident about this product that if we had whole shapes, we would sell it with closed eyes, without fear of "what ever could be inside", more doubt than when it comes to a very mature seasoning product.

Many years on the scales in fact are made to accentuate every minor defect. We have always bet on its perfection, we will always do it because we are sure of the hammer's response, the solemn puncture we periodically do, otherwise known to the workmen, such as cheese experimentation. Again this year the result is excellent and, unlike the past years, we want to make you see how it was cut and how you can taste it directly by purchasing it from our site.

If the well-known wish is "100 of these days!" when each of us fulfills the years, for the forms we select our wish is "100 of these months!"

A wish we extend to all of you. Good 100 Months at Everyone!