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The ingredients

Milk from organic, rennet and salt.


The hand of an artist: the master dairyman

The processing of Parmigiano - Reggiano organic farming is done with the mixture of skimmed milk from the evening through a natural outcrop and whole milk from the morning milking. To it is added to the natural whey and rennet coagulation process for a period of 10-12 minutes. After the breaking of the curds takes place for a period of 2 minutes through a special tool, called "thorn", which is followed by a step of purging and cooking for a total duration of 10-12 minutes. After the cooking stage there is a period of storage of the product under serum in the boiler of cooking for a period of 50-60 minutes. Removed the forms from the boilers are placed on special tables where is the commissioning of the first Teflon molds, where they remain one day, in which undergo different process of turn upside down to facilitate the clearing of the serum, then steel honeycomb where they stay 2-3 days. After this period, necessary to the consolidation of the forms, the same are deposited in a special basin for the salting of the duration of 24 days. Only at the end of this process the product is introduced in maturing warehouses where it stays for at least 12 months to 36 months and beyond. The first quality inspection and marking shall be carried on only for 12 months, not before.