Borgo of Gazzano: I would visit

For years our company offers its willingness to guided tours. In these decades have passed us by people from all over the world and from all backgrounds, from students to the international food buyers and experts. Our policy sets among its priorities for his image along with the cheese. In a world like today, where even among the many imitations turning food (and the Parmigiano-Reggiano it "boasts"... really a lot!) To low quality products sold as high, the policy of transparency, those that does not really have anything to hide, is more than ever a priority for our company. Precisely for this reason we invite all those interested to "touch" our reality, to visit, taste our product to test for evidence of palate what has always consider as a source of pride, especially the sweetness of the product. The feedback-many visitors in recent years have cheered us in this direction, confirming that the path taken is the right to differentiate ourselves in offering a product of highest quality. The invite you to visit our reality is and will always remain our top priority!

Is necessary to book through the address almost one week before. Thanks!