30 months aged product variation

Borgo's staff is sorry to inform our dear customers of the temporary unavailability of our Parmigiano Reggiano Biologico with 30 months of seasoning due to the high demand of the last few months, well beyond the brightest forecasts. However, in order not to deprive ourselves of this important and requested seasoning, we will propose until the end of August the Parmesan of our dear friend and colleague who is well connected to the philosophy and quality that are the main belief of the Borgo. The product will be orderable in the usual way and it will always be offered with our official "Borgo del Gazzano" wrapper.
Our 30 month product will be available again from 1st September 2017.
We take this opportunity to thank our customers for their confidence by confirming that the products with 18 and 24 months maturation will not undergo any change. We apologize for this physiological lack, just as certain that the 30 months cheese we propose will not disappoint expectations at all.